My hectic yesterday..

I think yesterday wasna very long day for me.. I got a little test for my paper and makes me stay up in the middle late of nite until 3am.. Woke up on 6 and get ready to school.. Submit my paper and attending the class from 8am till 6pm.. After finished my class, drive my car back to my den and in the middle of road, my friend call me and ask to hang out with her..thinking that there must be something she wants to share with me.. I agree.. So I met her at a mall and we had a dinner and chit chat about life..I mean her life.. No wonder laa she got so exited to see me.. She hooked up with another hot blooded guy and he is a doctor.. OmG.. And me..? Still with myself huhh..  alone..

After the talking and filled our empty stomach, suddently she drag me to the nearby cinema and we start watching movie.. Wow.. Its been a long time since I watch Narnia the first.. I mean the wardrobe and stuff.. huhuhu.. sorry.. not remembered it.. And then I realize, I’ve been in busy day almost straingt 18 hours.

Next morning.. I had this nose running and terrible cold.. and it last for a week.. 😦

Need a rest from a stress ..


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