About ComeyLote

Dah Comey tu sudah tentu lah gender nye pompuan kan..

Takde laa lote sangat pun.. hehehe..

Biasa2 je… Aummmmm

Suka travel.. dan sangat enjoy makan even dah tambun.. (ada eden kesah!)

Cuma sekadar nak berkongsi apa-apa yang boleh dikongsi dan comey tempek pada masa luang..

Sharing is caring what… hahahaha

Happy reading 😀

ps: I’m a happy person.. love to see others happy too.. and enjoy everything I did even though I hate it hahahaha


8 thoughts on “About ComeyLote

    1. Salam sejahtera Anna,

      nak gi hiking kat Tapis eaaa.. hehehe.. boleh je.. 0148074123 ( Badrul )..

      Hwaiting!!! ^^

  1. salam sejahtera. terhibur baca kisah gunung tapis. kebetulan pula ada post no tepon kat atas ni..so nanti akan try gunung ini pula. selamat brkenalan 😀

    1. Hi Meei Yunn,
      Currently that person is away from the civilization ( in the jungle of course hehehe ). I promise I will get back to you with the contact number as soon as I get him online.
      By the way, definitely you will need a guide and permit to enter the jungle. But Stong is a worth try and need a lot of stamina and mental preparation :).

      Update comment :
      Hi Meei Yun.. you can contact Ayah Mie through this number 012-564 0182.

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